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Use the form below to show interest in our airport shuttle pickup. We will contact you if we go ahead with this idea.

Shuttle FAQ

Q: Will the shuttle run to and from the airport?

A: Yes the shuttle will pickup from the airport on Friday and drop off again on Monday. We will have certain times available.

Q: Where does the shuttle pick up and drop off at?

A: The shuttle will pick up from the Oklahoma City Airport (OKC) and drop off at the Delta Hotel in Midwest City (the event hotel).

Q: How will I know when I can get picked up?

A: Fill out the form below and we will get back to you on a pick up time at the airport. We are planning on having pickups roughly every hour from 9AM-5PM on Friday

Q: What if I have changes to my schedule or my flight gets delayed?

A: You can email your itinerary updates to We will also send you the driver's phone number so you can call/text on the day of pickup.

Airport Shuttle Signup

Airport Shuttle Signup

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you if we will have the shuttle.

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