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Now calling for applications to present during the 'Chasers Present' segment of the 2023 National Storm Chaser Summit. This new event involves any meteorologist or storm chaser presenting on a meteorology/storm chasing topic of their choosing. This can range from case studies to scientific data analysis. Below are the basic rules for this summit feature:


  • Your presentation must be 20 minutes or less

  • Must be available on Sunday morning to present and have a valid ticket for the summit

  • Your video/PowerPoint must present a topic involving meteorology or storm chasing

  • Your presentation must be in video format (.mp4 only) or PowerPoint

  • Must be uploaded via Google Drive or Dropbox

  • Your presentation must be approved by NSCS staff

If you are unsure if your presentation qualifies, please reach out to us at The application deadline is January 30th, 2023 at 5PM CST

Chasers Present Application

'Chasers Present' Application

Thanks for submitting! We will reach out to you soon regarding your submission.

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